Late Mr. S.D.Gupta

G. S. Marketing Associates came into existence over 2 decades ago. Our Beloved Founder Shri. S. D. Gupta made this company grow in leaps and bounds through his sheer hard work, tremendous efforts, charisma, dynamism, personality, strength of character & courage. He always used to say that there is no substitute for hard work. There are no shortcuts to success. It was his total dedication and endless years of struggle which have resulted in rich dividends in the form of very Successful Fairs in many cities of India. He was a great believer in Team Building and slowly, but surely developed a highly dedicated team of Marketing Professionals which is working very hard and continuously according to his plans to achieve his goals. He was instrumental in bringing companies and Government Departments of many countries and states to participate in the Fairs of GS, thus expanding the scope of business through our Fairs worldwide. He was a great visionary and had many plans for the future of the company. We, at GS, believe in his ideals and his motto, which is now the G.S. motto which is, “Our Business is to Grow your Business”. Thus, the key to our success is the expansion of our participants’ businesses through our Fairs. As a result, all our Fairs, especially The India International Mega Trade Fair, The GS Home & Décor and many other Fairs have grown steadily in size and scope every year – attracting enormous footfalls, business deals and growth in value of matured business. We at GS, pledge to live up to his ideals & vision and achieve the goals that he wanted to achieve.

Mr.Prakash Shah

G.S. Marketing Associates can rightly claim to have pioneered international standard fairs with notable commercial success. Taking advantage of changing trends in consumer behavioral patterns, we have been among the first to professionally organize Fair on a large scale, offering both comfort and choice to both business houses and customers, while simultaneously promoting business to business deals. Our signature Fair: The India International Mega Trade Fair and every Fair is meticulously organized, not only in terms of providing exhibition space but also in offering support services that make the participants’ task easier and the visitors experience more delightful. They are also supported by a massive advertising and public relations campaign to ensure maximum footfalls from the target market. As a result, the Fairs organized by GS Marketing act like a multifaceted magnet attracting visitors from different segments, creating a true business environment with a confluence of buyers, suppliers, purchasers, importers, exporters and business consultants. Designed to facilitate your businesses, our Fairs have become annual events drawing hundreds of thousands of people. We welcome you to participate in them. GS Marketing Associates is a leading organiser of Trade Fairs in India, having successfully organised more than 185 Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in India conforming to the highest international standard, for more than two decades. Among the first to professionally organize fairs on a large scale, GS Marketing Associates provides an ideal platform for promoting B2B and B2C deals. Since its inception, the Fairs organized by G. S. Marketing Associates have grown steadily in size and scope, and have met with tremendous success. Our Fairs have attracted companies from Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Ghana, Egypt, Hong Kong, Turkey, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran, etc. The Fairs have also attracted participation from the majority of Government Departments as well as PSUs of India.